Photography Coaching & Training



We offer classroom style training via McBain camera covering camera basics, “getting off auto” and more advanced classes. Visit their website for classes, times and prices.



We offer 1-on-1 coaching opportunities as well. Pricing and times vary, but please, contact Dwight and we can customize your coaching session!

For anyone wanting to learn more about photography, from basic camera operation to image editing, I’d recommend Photek training in an instant.

~ Paul Howard

When I started learning from Dwight I had very little knowledge about how to work my camera. With Dwight’s encouragement I was able to take my camera off of auto and capture the images that I had envisioned.

~ Jennifer Swenson

Dwight taught me the fundamentals of photography and gave me the understanding and confidence to continue to develop my skills and pursue my passion of portrait photography.

~ Linda Healing

Dwight dispelled the mysteries and complexities of my camera which allowed me to think more about what I wanted to photograph rather than think just about the camera. 

~ Archie Richardson

I have also learned to read the light that is around me, and to make creative decisions based on what I see and feel in any given situation.

~ Brian Olstad

What I really enjoy about Photek classes is the passion that Dwight has for what he does, plus the ability to transfer that passion to his students. Dwight has inspired me to aim higher in my creative ability!

~ Mike Wanini

Dwight’s teaching style is simple and fun and after taking the first course I was hungry for more and to keep on going.

~ Andrea Macdonald

He is willing to share all of his knowledge and is extremely patient—willing to take the time to make sure you understand

~ Jennifer Swenson

My own images are now much improved because of the time I’ve spent with Dwight

~ Archie Richardson

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