Changes are coming at Photek Training!

We want to thank everyone who has come through the doors of the Photek Training Centre over the past 15 years. After careful thought, and a few flashes of inspiration, we have decided to take a fresh new approach to photography training. In order to allow time for the necessary planning and changes, we have decided to cancel all planned classes except those currently running. Anyone still hoping to catch up on missing classes please contact Dwight at 403-350-5355 and we can make arrangements to cover the same material in 1-on-1 sessions at the same location. Anyone wanting to book personal sessions on any topic please call Dwight for a free consultation.

This fall we plan to be back up and running, with a new emphasis and teaching style, focused solely on 1-on-1 instruction and small group experiences. We will offer more details as the time approaches, but for now here is the new mission statement:

We aim to provide highly personalized guidance and inspiration to aspiring photographers, both in person and via the web. Our focus will be on the joy of creating photographs rather than on the tools that create them. Our passion is helping you fulfil your creative aspirations, whatever they may be.

Contact Dwight at 403-314-3421 or email for more information

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